Isolation Station

supporting you through covid isolation

For Adults, Children And Families

Welcome To The Isolation Station

Isolation Station is a pilot project to support the population of Lancashire, when isolating with Covid-19. We are keen to ensure that you can access all the information that you need, whilst self-isolating easily in the comfort of your own home. Isolation Station has general information, along with specific information for boroughs within Lancashire. Isolation Station is aware that guidelines are updated daily and therefore have provided links to take you to this up-to-date information, ensuring you have guidelines from both the NHS and Government to hand.

There is a wealth of information available for you, from food banks to dog walkers and endeavours to help answer many of the questions you have related to self-isolation. We also provide many useful videos for you to watch at your leisure, these include basic cookery, exercise, wellbeing and much, much more. Have a look around our website and see what we provide.

You also have the chance to win one of our many LG 50-inch Smart Televisions just by signing up – Now that would make the end of self-isolation even more positive!

Help In Your Local Area

The local support provides specific advice to residents within each borough of Lancashire. By clicking on your borough, you will be able to find your local emergency Doctor, emergency pharmacy, local services, such as dog walkers along with much more. There are also national links to up-to-date information.

Things To Do

It is really important that when you are isolating, you look after your wellbeing and mental health. If you have coronavirus, you must ensure that you seek and follow medical advice. The days may feel long, so it is important to do things that keep your mind and body active – but at the level that suits you. We have put together a comprehensive list of ideas and links that you may find useful. We have provided suggested activities plus some quick and easy cooking videos (which use items that you more than likely already have in your cupboard), along with mindfulness videos.

Covid And Self-Isolation

You may have lots of questions surrounding self-isolation and be confused over what you need to do, and who you need to contact. Guidelines and rules are changing daily. Isolation Station will provide you with all the up-to-date links and information to answer your questions. This section has specific links to pages on the Government and NHS websites, to save you searching through pages and pages to find what you need to know.

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